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Earn Referral Commissions and Keep Your License Active
Why ?
How it Works !
Who ?
  • Receive Referral Commissions 

  • Pay NO MLS Fees

  • Pay NO Office Transaction Fees

  • Keep your license active with the State of Illinois

  • Low Annual Membership Fee

  • Receive Training on transitioning to Full-Time

  • Earn up to 85% of the Referral Commission when Transaction Closes

  • Refer your Buyers and Sellers to our network of brokers across North America or to brokers of your choice

  • Keep your Brokers License active without paying MLS Fees and Membership Dues

  • Pay a small annual fee to hold your license

  • Newly Licensed Brokers

  • Dual Career Broker

  • Retiring Brokers

  • Part-Time / Inactive Brokers

  • Resident / Non-Resident Brokers

  • Temporary Life Circumstances

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